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What You Need To Know About Guest Towels

What You Need To Know About Guest Towels

Towels, those everyday essentials we often take for granted, play a more significant role than we might realize in our daily lives. Towels come in a diverse range of sizes and materials, each serving a unique purpose. A type you might not know about is a guest towel. At LivingT, we offer the best quality towels and towel sets in Pakistan at the best prices, including quality guest towels – absorbent, soft, and crafted from 100% cotton.

Before you dive into a purchase, let's take a moment to understand why guest towels might be a smart addition to your collection.


A guest towel is a set of towels kept for visitors to use during their stay. Unlike the regular towels utilized by the residents of the home, guest towels are set aside to offer a fresh, clean, and often newer option for guests.

When hosting guests, many individuals prefer to make a good impression by presenting a set of guest towels that are not only pristine but also aesthetically pleasing. 


A guest towel is just the right size for hand-drying, and its small size is why it is quick drying. 

Even if you make a big pile of guest towels, they take up only a few inches of shelf space. Smaller than a hand towel but bigger than a face towel, it's usually sold in sets of two. The standard size is about 16 x 30 inches, but it can vary a bit depending on the brand and design.

This towel is a practical choice for both men and women with shorter hair, especially if they want to wrap it up while getting ready. Its versatile size and quick-drying nature make it a handy addition to any bathroom.


Towels, handkerchiefs, toothbrushes – these are personal items. Whether your guest is over for a meal or staying the night, they might forget these personal essentials and feel a bit inconvenienced. The least we can do as hosts is provide a fresh towel.

Now, we've learned that guest towels have specific sizes and ways to be kept, but when it comes to bathing, a regular guest towel might not cut it. That's where a brand-new bath towel can come in handy for your guest. The main goal here is to make them feel comfortable.

In case of emergencies, it's a good idea to use bath towels as guest towels. It won't hurt to do things a bit differently for the sake of your guest's comfort.

Also, hygiene is essential. Providing your home-used bath towels may not be a suitable gesture. Always keep spare towels to maintain good hygiene and a lasting impression on your guests.

Guest towels aren't only for homes; you'll find them in spas and hotel rooms too. It's a simple but thoughtful touch to ensure guests have what they need, making their experience more pleasant.

Using new and nice-looking towels shows you care about your guest's comfort. It signals that you're ready for visitors and adds to the good vibes in the guest space. These towels are a small detail that says you're committed to making sure your guests feel relaxed and well-taken care of during their stay.


At LivingT, Hand towels are typically larger, measuring around 20 x 40 inches.  This size offers practical coverage for effective hand-drying while guest towels are slightly smaller measuring 16 x 24 inches. This site maintains functionality while also having a decorative emphasis.

Whether it's drying hands after kitchen tasks or quick face wipes, hand towels are effective. For guest towels, not only do they provide functionality for hand-drying, but they also carry a decorative emphasis, making them perfect for welcoming special guests into your home.

The key distinction lies in use. Hand towels are the workhorses, catering to daily household needs. You'll find them conveniently placed throughout the house, commonly near bathroom or kitchen sinks. In contrast, guest towels remain neatly stored until they are called into action for those special occasions.

Touch matters too. Hand towels, due to frequent use, may feel coarser and well-worn. On the flip side, guest towels, spared from regular use, maintain a softer, plushier feel, offering a touch of luxury when used on the face.

Because hand towels are used every day and can end up anywhere, it's important to make sure they're clean before using them to clean your face. To be extra careful, it's a good idea to keep your personal and family hand towels separate. This way, you can be sure that the towel won't hurt you or make you more likely to get an infection.

When it comes to cleanliness, guest towels take the lead. They stay unused for the most part until they are needed, which keeps them as clean and new as possible. This makes guest towels a reliable choice for maintaining a sanitary and welcoming environment in your home.


Hosts typically maintain neatly folded guest towels in that specific bathroom or place them thoughtfully on the guest bed. 

Another convenient option is to provide towels for guests by hanging them on a separate towel rack. This ensures that visitors have easy access to fresh towels for their personal use during their stay.


Finding quality and affordable towels in Pakistan can be a challenge. Cheaper options often come with low-quality fabric that may be uncomfortable, with threads sticking to your skin when wet, or, on the other hand, some stores sell towels at excessively high prices.

At LivingT, we understand your concerns. Our approach is to provide adequately sized guest towels made of high-quality, luxury fabric and very absorbent. Need guest towels, bath towels, or bathrobes for your guest room? We are your trustworthy and affordable source!

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