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The Best Bath Mats Made in Pakistan: Quality Meets Luxury

The Best Bath Mats Made in Pakistan: Quality Meets Luxury

You deserve the best of the best and that is what we offer with our luxurious bath mats. Our mats are made of 100% cotton and are super absorbent. They will keep your bathroom floor clean and dry while being soft to the touch.

What Makes Our Bath Mats Different?

What separates our bath mats from the competition is the quality of the materials which is 100% pure cotton which is a natural fibre that glides smoothly on the skin and has a high absorbing property making it the perfect material for a bath mat. They're also generously sized, so you have plenty of room to soak up all the water while being gentle to your feet. 

How to Use Our Bath Mats

Our bath mats are a luxurious addition to your bathroom and should be used in the following way:

First, shake out the bath mat to remove any excess water.

Then, place the bath mat on the floor where you would like it to be.

Finally, step onto the bath mat and enjoy its softness and absorbency.

Care Instructions

You've invested in your new bath mat, so you'll want to take good care of it. We recommend machine-washing on a cold, gentle cycle. You can tumble dry on low or lay it flat to dry. Do not bleach or iron.

To prolong the life of your mat, we suggest you shake it out after each use to remove any excess water. This will also help prevent mildew.


If you're looking for quality bath mats that are both luxurious and made in Pakistan, LivingT is the brand for you. Our products are made of 100% cotton and are super absorbent and soft, making them the perfect addition to any bathroom.

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